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San Francisco Pride Parade

In 1976 a small group of Dykes led the San Francisco Pride parade on their motorcycles.  40 years later we continue to kick off the world famous San Francisco LGBTQ Pride Parade, leading nearly 400 riders down Market Street as thousands of onlookers cheer us on in the name of furthering LGBTQ equality.

We hope you will join us at the 2022
San Francisco LGBTQ+ Pride Parade back on market Street!
New Pride Flag

This year marks the return to Market Street and our traditional ride that kicks off the San Francisco LGBTQ+ Pride Parade. We have two ways for riders to register to participate with the Dykes on Bikes® on Pride Sunday. Each option captures the same information we need in order to make the morning of the Pride Parade run as smoothly as possible. Those pre-registered riders using either option below will be directed to a designated check-in area for expedited check-in. 

Online registration and payment portal hosted by San Francisco Pride. 


A paper form that can be completed and mailed to SF Pride. With the exception of the signature and acknowledgment fields, the form can be completed on a computer and printed. The form and accompanying check must be mailed to the Pride Office

Riders can also register on the morning of the Pride Parade, but please remember that you'll need to complete the paper version of the form on site and it can take a bit of time. 

Being a Dyke on a Bike is more than the ride on Market on Pride Sunday. We hope you will reach out to us using the contact information below. Please, let us know if you are interested in our other activities throughout the year including rides, educational activities, and engagement with the LGBTQ and women's motorcycle communities.   

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