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San Francisco Dykes on Bikes®
Women's Motorcycle Contingent 

San Francisco EST. 1976

Emeritus Members


Soni Wolf (She/Her)
Secretary Emeritus, 


Mindie (She/Her)


Mindie is a Past President and BoD member, she was awarded Emeritus status in 2022.




Ranell is Past Secretary and BoD member. She was awarded Emeritus status 2022

Vick Germany (She/Her)

Vick is a past President and BoD member. She has ridden with Dykes on Bikes in the San Francisco parade since 1997, she officially became part of organization in 2000. Vick was one of the members of the Board of Directors upon establishment in 2008, she rides a Suzuki Boulevard.

Sheila (She/Her)
Emeritus, Archivist 


Shiela is a Past BoD member and Treasurer. She was one of the members of the Board of Directors upon establishment in 2008. She was awarded Emeritus status in 2012. Shiela also is the Director of the Dykes on Bikes Archive Project.


Anne Rickertsen “Helmet Truck Anne”

Many of us fondly remember Anne’s annual meeting with DOB when she would join us in the back room of the SF Eagle one or two Wednesdays before Pride to confirm that she had the helmet boxes stored at Veritable Vegetable and would see us out on Market Street bright and early on Sunday morning. After the Parade, Anne and her group of dedicated volunteers would stay at the helmet truck for hours, patiently handing helmets and gear back to the riders who had gone inside the celebration grounds.

Our participation in Pride for all these years would not have been the same without her presence and everything she gave that morning to make sure our riders had an amazing time riding in the Parade and enjoying the rest of the day. Those who have ridden in other Pride Parades and have had to bungee cord their helmets and gear to their bikes can appreciate having a gear truck as part of our contingent.

And, of course, the crowd loves when the big (often semi-) truck, which for many years was provided and driven by Veritable Vegetable, comes rumbling up Market following the last motorcycles, making the tight right-hand turn onto 7th Street look like a breeze, accentuated by the loud honk of the air horn.

By her own counting, Anne rode with Dykes on Bikes for almost 30 years. We will miss Anne’s smile and powerful, but calm, presence. Thank you, Anne, for everything you gave to Dykes on Bikes and for being a legend in the Dykes on Bikes community.



Ali was named Dykes on Bikes First Emeritus member in 2009. In 2018 Ali was the recipient of the Gilbert Baker Pride Founder’s Award. Eleanor was the second Emeritus member and was awarded that status in 2009. Rose is a Past Treasurer and BoD member. Rose was one of the members of the Board of Directors upon establishment in 2008. Rose Awarded Emeritus status 2011.

Legal Counsel

Brooke .png

Brooke Oliver (She/Her)
Legal Counsel

Brooke Oliver has been General Counsel and Trademark Counsel to Dykes on Bikes for nearly 20 years. Brook is a nationally recognized and respected arts and entertainment attorney. Brooke secured 501(c)3 status for the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes and prosecuted our right to register the name “Dykes on Bikes” with the United States Patent Trademark Office twice after the USPTO rejected the application(s) on the ground that “dyke” is disparaging and derogatory to lesbians. Most recently under Brooke’s legal strategy and guidance, San Francisco Dykes on Bikes briefed the United States Supreme Court on how Dykes on Bikes is an icon of women’s pride and courage and how we use our trademark to cultivate a brand of political activism and LGBTQ awareness. Our Amicus Brief in the United States Supreme Court case of Matal vs Tam (2017) helped to overturn a 70-year-old law, in what is considered a landmark Freedom of Expression decision and major victory for the LGBTQ+ community.

Dykes on Bikes® is always open to new members, riders or otherwise. 

Interested in becoming a patch-holder? Come to a meeting and check us out.

Our meeting schedule is posted on our "Meetings" page.

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