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Dykes on Bikes® 

The Dykes on Bikes® Facemask is here! 

With COVID-19 we prioritized making facemarks with the Dykes on Bikes

trademarked logo. 


These masks were made in partnership with the Casey Collaborative. 

We reached out to the Casey Collaborate, wanting to support a small, women owned business, with the idea for a small run of facemaks with our logo. And in doing so we found a great partner. 

In their own words, they are "Two crafty momma friends have come together to create The Casey Collaborative! While our main focus is DIY sign workshops, we love custom orders and bringing your idea to life-- anything from wedding signs, matching family t-shirts, and now facemasks! We have a passion for philanthropy and giving back to communities through crafting such as donations to nonprofit auctions and teacher appreciation weeks. Contact us at and follow us on facebook to see more of our work-

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