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Hello and Happy Pride! 


I had a nice email from George Ridgely last week letting me know the SF LGBTQ Pride Parade office has already started receiving registration forms. That’s great!!! The more forms that come in prior to the Pride Parade, the easier it is for us to organize everyone on the day of the Parade. 


Looking for the registration form? It’s on our website. We also have a series of FAQs for those of you that may not have ridden with us in the world famous SF Pride Parade. Or if it’s been a couple of years, it’s worth a re-read (especially questions like, “What time do I need to pick up my helmet from the helmet truck). 


Our 2020 limited edition t-shirts are being prepped as we speak. You can pick up the t-shirt at our party on June 27th at El Rio (3158 Mission St, SF) from 1-5 pm. You can see this year's t-shirt on our merchandise page when the design has been finalized.  


More Details about our Saturday Pride Party - Here's what went down last year:

Speaking of parties, I’m very excited for this year’s party! DJ Rockaway is providing music for us and we are lucky to have her. Her energetic mix of dance, hip hop, R&B, house, mashups, and retro will keep us all dancing throughout the afternoon. If you want a preview, she has events leading up to Pride in June that you can check out on her webpage, including what looks like a great Pre-Pride Sunset Cruise on June 8. In addition to playing at our party on Saturday June 29th, DJ Rockaway is producing the women’s stage on Sunday at the Parade Celebration grounds. The women’s stage entrance is very close to where the helmet truck and motorcycles park after the parade and I encourage everyone to stop by. 

In addition to great music, we have a lot of fun items for this year’s silent auction:

As always, a big thank-you to all of the local businesses that support Dykes on Bikes® and to those of you that bid on items! Our party at El Rio, generously hosted by Fabulosa, is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it’s thanks to the many people that join us to dance, register, buy Dykes on Bikes® merchandise and donate to our organization. Don’t forget that if you procrastinate sending in your registration, we can register you to ride in the parade at our party. And of course there is plenty of time to enjoy the festivities at Dolores Park in the later afternoon. 


Last but not least, we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help us the morning of the Pride Parade. We are a small group that works really hard all year to help put on this world famous event, but we can’t do it without the help of our amazing volunteers. Whether you ride, admire riders, or just want a new and fun way to experience the Pride Parade, we can use your help. And the answer to the question everyone asks? YES, YOU CAN VOLUNTEER AND STILL RIDE YOUR BIKE!

If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to


I hope to see all of you at the fun events leading up to Pride and of course on Market Street bright and early on June 30th. 


Ride Safe, 

Kate Brown

President, San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® WMC 

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