Pride Sunday is June 26, 2016!


Riding as part of the Dykes on Bikes® in San Francisco Pride Parade.

The exhilerating ride down Market Street as we lead the San Francisco Pride Parade is why we are here. In 1976 20-25 Dykes led the Pride parade on their motorcycles.  35 years later, 400 San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® Women's Motorcycle Contingent riders continue to lead the world famous San Francisco Pride Parade.
This year's SF Pride Parade takes place on Sunday June 26th and is followed by an all day celebration at the Civic Center.  If you have never experienced the thrill of riding down Market Street while thousands of people cheer you on, we encourage you to join us.  We have members who have ridden with the Dykes on Bikes® for pretty much all of those 35 years, and they can attest that after one ride, you'll be hooked!


For information on this year's Pride Parade and Celebration, please go to the SF Pride Parade page.

For a list of common FAQ's about riding in the Parade, please go here.

If you have a question and can't find an answer on our site, please email either president(at) or secretarysfwmc(at)


Interested in riding with the Dykes on Bikes® on Pride Sunday?

The registration form is available here.

All registration forms and checks should be mailed to the SF Pride Office at:

SFLGBTPCC 1841 Market Street Fourth Floor San Francisco, CA 94103-1112

General information:

Registration to ride with the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® is $15 if we receive your form on or before the Wednesday before Pride weekend. After that the cost of registration rises to $20. We really appreciate all our riders that register in advance! Download your registration form using the link above.

Registration for riders opens at 8AM (PST) on the corner of Steuart Street and Mission Street. Registration is from 8AM to 10AM. Please note that we close registration at 10AM sharp. If you are not in by 10AM, you will not be able to join us on the ride down Market Street. So please, be sure you are at Registration by 10AM. The only thing you will need to have with you is your driver's license.  We have a copy of all those that pre-registered. If you did not pre-register please also bring $20.

Remember: we've done this a long time.  If a Dykes on Bikes® patch-holder needs you to move your bike, cut your engine, shake your tail feather...please do so.  While you may not know why we are asking you to do something, we've been at this for 35 years. It's not a perfect process, but we've seen what works and what doesn't work - and we like it when things work. Smile, laugh, have fun, and be patient if there are any snags.  If you have a questions, please see a Dykes on Bikes® patch-holder.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Ever wondered how you can help the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes®, Women's Motorcycle Contingent?

Every year it takes lots of help from volunteers to pull off the historical San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® Pride Parade ride. There are 3 main areas that we need help with: registration, line-up and road captains. Registration and line-up do no require previous riding experience, however road captains must have ridden in a Pride parade before.

Many of you have written to us asking how you help, thank you!  At this point, our biggest need is for Road Captain volunteers.  Just think, you get to escort all those wonderful Dykes on Bikes® (and our supporters) down Market St.

Road Captains must be an experienced biker and able to traverse San Francisco streets with grates and tracks at low speeds. To provide you with the information needed to fulfill the requirements of the SFDOBWMC and the Pride Parade Committee and have a fun, safe day, we are holding 4 meetings—you only need to attend 1 meeting and show up Parade Day (June 28) between 7:00 and 8:00 am.

The Road Captain (in conjunction with Line-up) meeting dates will be available soon.

You have our sincerest gratitude because without you, the SFDOBWMC could not participate in the Parade to the scale that we do.
If you are interested in volunteering to help with the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® in the SF Pride Parade as a Line-up or Registration volunteer, we are happy to put you in touch with a volunteer coordinator. Please email Mindie at president(at) If you have general questions you can email our secretary Soni at secretarysfwmc(at)

Dykes on Bikes® Merchandise:

We will be selling this year's t-shirt and commemorative 2016 Pride Parade ride pins at the parade. The merchandise will be set up near the helmet truck.  Buy a t-shirt and toss it in the box with your helmet. How easy is that?! You can wear your gear at the Pride Celebration that follows the Pride Parade. It's a great way to show you are a part of the Dykes on Bikes® even when you aren't riding.